Who we are


KEEPEA Orizontes serves its vision and mission with a commitment to the following values:

Cooperation, Solidarity and Partnership

Philanthropic work is based on cooperation and coordination between all parties, whether at the level of the state and society or at the level of funders and donors. The joint synergy between all involved parties and the communication of our work, internally and externally, is a necessary condition and commitment of our Organization.

Integrity, Transparency and Reliability

Through the control of integrity, transparency and accountability in all activities and implemented projects. Through accountability to our beneficiaries, their families, our members and stakeholders as a whole.

Social responsibility

Strong belief in the prominent and active social role of our Organization in dealing with stigma and promoting social values and principles, always remaining faithful to the principles that emerged through society and the disabled parent movement

Team culture

Based on teamwork, cooperation and coordination between the Organization's employees, the Management Team and its beneficiaries.

Justice and Equality

The belief that every citizen has the right to benefit from the services of KEEPEA Orizontes regardless of origin, sexual orientaion, gender or other discrimination and always based on the Individual's own needs and personal wishes and choices.


The belief that mutual trust is the key to success and this trust is created by our Organization's commitment to all stakeholders.


Respect the values and principles of society. Respect the diversity, personality and personal wishes of our beneficiaries.

Innovation and creativity

By creating opportunities for creativity, promoting innovative ideas and rewarding innovation and growth.

Professionalism and objectivity

Our practices are based on professional practices that are clear and known to all.