Who we are

Our History

The operation of K.E.P.E.A. "Horizons" in Agios Dimitrios, from 1997 to 2013:

The Center for Special Education of Children & Adults with Disabilities (K.E.P.E.A.). "Horizons" was founded in 1997 by parents of Persons with Disabilities, professionals, and socially aware citizens. From 1997-2013, a Unit serving the educational needs of Individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism operated in Agios Dimitrios - Attica. The vision of the organization was to provide appropriate services to these people over 14 years of age, given that at the time there were no structures for them to continue their education or prospects of employment after their graduation from special schools.

The creation of the Day Care Center of K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizons" in Illiopolis from 2013 until today:

The accommodation of the operation of the Center and the upgrading of the services offered to people with disabilities in the area, have been the basic vision of the Managing Board, parents and our trainers, since the establishment of our Organization. That goal was realized thanks to:

  • The free allocation of space for the relocation of K.E.P.E.A. "Horizons" in the building of the former 8th Gymnasium, from the Municipality of Illiopolis.
  • The kind donation of the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation to our Center, to cover most of the cost of improving and adapting the above building to our needs,
  • as well as Its certification as a provider of first-level & second-level Social Care services played a decisive role in making this vision a reality

The practical support of the Municipality of Illiopolis and the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation strengthened our efforts to preserve and develop a social network of protection for a particularly sensitive category of our fellow citizens. On behalf of the Managing Board, our beneficiaries, the parents, the staff and our volunteers, we extend our warmest thanks to all the Citizens, the Municipal Authority of the Municipality of Illiopolis, the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation and all those who contributed by helping us in practice towards this the direction.

Our Supported Living House:

The creation of a Supported Living House was a great dream of K.E.P.E.A. "Horizontes" which became a reality with the creation of "Open Horizons - Mary Vrettos" in 2018. (Licensing No.: 2877/26.06.2018). The space concerns a three-story rented building with a total area of 292 sq.m. and is located in a quiet neighborhood in Ilioupoli, Attica, near the Day Care & Day Care Center of our Agency. In this, first, supported living environment, four flatmates with intellectual disabilities, live their lives according to their wishes, in the same way as their un-disabled peers