As part of the mission of of K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizontes" is our entry in the fledgling field of Social Entrepreneurship, in order to create a functional connection between the education and employability of people with Disabilities and to achieve their social inclusion.

Our organisation, since 2017, has assisted in teh creation of a Social Cooperative under the name "Open Horizons-To Pareaki", which aims to integrate a significant number of people with intellectual disabilities in the labor market After an invitation from the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, the Coop secured the five-year concession of space on Alexandros Panagoulis Square, with the aim of creating a café-multiple recreation and cultural space.

The space granted by the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios to COINSEP Integration Open Horizons - Pareaki, was completely renovated.

Our venture introduces itself as "All Day Cafe Bar" and is expected to reshape the Square into an important meeting and leisure hub in the Southern Suburbs.

It will open its doors every day from 7:00 in the morning with coffee, drinks, snacks, sandwiches and will continue with brunch, food and drinks until 23:00 at night.

It is worth noting that "To Pareaki" was baptized by the trainees of the SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTER FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES (K.E.P.E.A.) "Horizontes", wanting to create a warm and welcoming place for everyone in the historical Panagouli Square of the Municipality of Ag. Dimitriou.

Let's make the world bigger, to accommodate us all!

We open the Horizons, we win life!