Supported Living Facility

Open Horizons "Mary Vrettou"
A few words about our House...

The creation of a Supported Living Facility (S.L.F..), was a great dream of K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizontes" which became a reality with the establishment of the structure "Open Horizons - Mary Vrettos" in 2018. (Licensing No.: 2877/26.06.2018).

The space concerns a three-story rented building with a total area of 292 sq.m. and is located in a quiet neighborhood in Ilioupoli, Attica, near the Day Care & Day Care Center of our Organisation.

What is an Assisted Living Facility (S.L.F.)? The "Open Horizontes" Supported Living Facility is a central focus of action of our Organization since it ensures its residents and trainees of the day center of the K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizontes" a "warm" dynamic house for 4 people within an urban setting, where they will be able to live permanently in a safe environment with dignity.

The Facility is NOT an institution, it is part of a functional everyday life that is not related to confinement.

It contributes decisively to the deinstitutionalization of Persons with Disabilities who are accommodated in closed care units. The living of the residents in the SLF cannot under any circumstances be considered "closed care" or "hospitalization".

What does our Facility provide?

It provides residents with intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and Down syndrome with accommodation, psychosocial rehabilitation and specialized therapeutic support. Beneficiaries, in a well-equipped space, enjoy high-quality services 24 hours a day, such as:

Transportation: Residents are transported from the Day Care Center to our Home by the Organisation's school buses.

Psychiatric monitoring: On a weekly basis by the Psychiatrist & Scientific Manager of K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizontes" which is in fact responsible for the assessment of the psychiatric picture of the tenants and the administration of the appropriate medication.

Psychological Support & Psychotherapeutic intervention: On a weekly basis by the Psychologist of the structure, with individual sessions for each tenant separately. In addition, in the context of the smooth coexistence of the tenants, there are groups for empowerment and personal expression of their needs.

Nursing Care: In consultation with the doctors of the structure, the nursing staff of the group is responsible for the prevention and maintenance of the good health of the residents.

Medical Support: At regular intervals for preventive reasons or for emergencies, the Pathologist of the structure takes care of meeting the medical needs of the tenants.

Semi-Independent Living Training Program: Tenants are trained by a Special Educator, in Activities of Daily Living, Housework, Personal Hygiene and Management of Free Time & Money that contribute to their autonomy and independence.

Creative Workshop: The tenants with the help of the educational staff have created the innovative "Horizons Biscuits" Dog Biscuit Making Workshop.

Personal Training: On a weekly basis, tenants have the possibility of personal training under the supervision of an Adapted Physical Education Teacher. The goal of the program is to maintain their good physical condition and physical well-being.

Ensuring a balanced diet: The monthly menu of the tenants is formulated by a specialist Nutritionist according to medical instructions.

Music Program: Tenants enjoy a music education & choir program.

Socialization Program: Connection to the community is achieved through the weekly established walks and the concerted efforts of the chaperones to achieve social integration in the neighborhood and the wider area. The aim is to exploit the opportunities offered by the community, for an equal and independent life for the residents.


The sheltered - semi-autonomous living reinforces:

Self-image & Self-esteem of young people with disabilities

Self-care and self-care skills.


Feeling of Adulthood

Support Team:


Social Worker – Director



Special educator

Our Agency's Vision...

Our vision is the establishment & operation of even more facilities, to ensure a dignified living and a safe environment for adults with disabilities. We aim to relieve the family environment, especially when they will not be able to take care of them.